Two girls pile onto a dirtbike to ride around horse show grounds
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8 ways to get around showgrounds that are way better than a golf cart

When you’re rushing between your stall and the ring to walk a course, put in a fake tail, and grab lunch, hiking across acres and acres of showgrounds just isn’t possible. That’s why we have some creative alternatives to get you where you need to be.

Highly-ventilated, lace-up, arch-supporting foot coverings

A girl leads a horse.
Hoofing it, human style.

They’ll keep your feet and boots clean and your soles supported as you trek from stall to ring and back again.

We can’t lie. These are just sneakers.

The bike

Strap it to the back of your trailer, and it’s good to go! It’s a green option and runs on pure human power – which may not be ideal when your calves are already dying from a long day of classes.

Roller skates

You’re on wheels, and it’s a lot easier to transport than a bike. However, it’s not easier to tackle dirt paths and manure piles.

The horse

Make sure a backpack is discreet to keep your horse sane.

You don’t have to walk through any mud puddles, but your horse’s freshly-washed grey tail might drag in them. Also might choose to leap over said puddles instead. Can be unpredictable when faced with other noisy travel options or bulky carryons.


The golf cart 3000

A cluster of golf carts
These guys are boring. Don’t be like everyone else.

DO NOT settle for a rental golf cart — who knows who sat in that thing last? Instead, be sure to load this tricked-out option on your trailer. Spotify access, air conditioning, and a built-in coffee machine that brews frothy lattes on your way to an early-morning course walk.

And most importantly, doors. These breeches don’t need to see dust. 

If you have space in the trailer, definitely bring your own driver.

The monorail

Hop on and hop off without thinking about a thing. This little train runs on a track around the grounds, and riders pull a cord to request a stop. Hurry, stall blocks right next to the track are going fast!

The golf cart Uber

Horse show warmup ring with golf carts and drivers waiting nearby.
Ready and waiting for whenever you’re done warming up.

What do you do when someone you’re sharing a cart with took it hours ago and still hasn’t come back? Want to save money and avoid renting a cart altogether? The new Hoofer app has you covered. Request another rider with a golf cart to pick you up at your stall, then drop you at the ring for a low rate.

Even better – sign up to be a Hoofer driver in those hours between your warm-up slot and the first class. You might even make enough to pay off the shavings for your stall!

The drone delivery

You may point out that drones can’t carry humans. We argue not yet. Soon, we’ll all have our own private helicopters to drop us off at the ring or snack bar. You can also get a great aerial view of the course to map out a better approach to that bending line.

Start flying them around your horses now, you’ll be ahead of the bombproofing game.

Kathryn Krawczyk

Kathryn is the founder and Editor in Chief of Horsey.

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