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9 reasons why barn dogs are better than horses

When you go to the barn, you expect to be greeted by your favorite furry friends.

No, we don’t mean cats, who won’t leave you alone until you pet them, or sometimes leave you a present — whatever animal they hunted down that morning.

A cat perches on a saddle like she owns the place.
We all know who owns the barn.

I’m not even talking about the horses, even though they’re pretty great.

A rider stands on the opposite side of a black horse with her arm wrapped around his neck.
Horses are a bit too big for snuggling.

I’m talking about barn dogs.

A pointy-eared dog rolls on the ground next to a grazing horse against a bright blue sky.
Best buds

They’re the first ones to say “hello” when you get to the barn. They’ll keep you company when everyone avoids helping you with chores. And their fur is great for burying your head in when you’ve had a rough lesson.

A soft, fluffy yellow puppy naps in front of a horse's stall. There's a great view of his nose.
Every barn deserves more puppies.

They’re the ultimate cheerleaders at a horse show, though it’s honestly tragic that you have to keep them on a leash.

A pitbull stands on gravel, his eyes squinting.
Please, let me chase that pony.

OK, so they’d probably run into the ring or raid a food stand if you didn’t.





Dogs do some stupid things, but their cute faces make it easy to forgive them.

Corgi lays on his back, exposing his belly for rubs.
Even though he’s wrapped up in a blanket, this corgi still found a warm sunny spot.

Dogs are so much less accident-prone than horses. They’re easier to cuddle with, especially at home. And they’re a lot less expensive.

A beagle sits under an expensive saddle with a dachshund in the background.
A dog is probably a lot cheaper than a saddle, never mind a horse.

This might be controversial, but dogs might make better friends than horses.

Better jumpers too.

Because you’ll have bad days with even the most push-button horse, but dogs will never let you down.

A horse nuzzles a dog over the door of a stall. The dog looks like she has a satisfied smile on her face.
Best buds!

Kathryn Krawczyk

Kathryn is the founder and Editor in Chief of Horsey.

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