Characters from the Saddle Club Lisa, Stevie and Carole stand in a line in front of a tree and grassy field. Each girl holds a horse.

How The Saddle Club shaped our childhood

Growing up as a horsey kid, The Saddle Club was everything.

There were more than 100 books at the local library, and Saturday mornings gave us a chance to catch up with Lisa, Carole and Stevie.

Your non-horsey friends probably watched it too. But they just didn’t know how great it was to have a show about their sport. 

After all, as a rider yourself, there’s no way you couldn’t criticize the actors’ horsemanship and equitation.

But even though it was a little inaccurate, this show was life.

The girls had those rockin’ music videos at the end of every episode,

Stevie’s pranks kept us on our toes

And Lisa had beginner questions we would’ve been afraid to ask

But Carole was always there to keep everything under control.

We bonded over our hatred of Veronica…

Though we secretly loved her when she hit Kristi (and even the girls) with some sass.

Even better, we knew the beauty of Chris Hemsworth before The Avengers.


But when ABC came out with the new series with imposter actors, or even when Nickelodeon premiered what’s definitely a Saddle Club rip-off, it just wasn’t as good.

Because even if the first series was obviously straight out of the early 2000s,

We knew Netflix made a bad decision to take the show down,

Because that iconic theme song will always be stuck on our heads.

Kathryn Krawczyk

Kathryn is the founder and Editor in Chief of Horsey.

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